Githers Take Over Twitter After Trump’s Medical Report Released

First there were birthers, people who questioned whether Obama was actually born in the US.  Among the birthers, at one time, was Donald Trump.  Now, with the switch of one letter, we have the emergence of a Donald-Trump-style birther movement, the girthers, people who question the recent medial report that suggested that Donald Trump is 75 inches tall, and yet only 239 pounds.  The emergence of girther is a wonderful development that degenerates the political discourse in America even more, and that makes it more in line with the actual reality of politics.
Hopefully, more and more of you who rely on politics for your salvation will begin to see that the political path is always, has always been, a discourse, an action on the level of girtherism.

‘Girthers’ on Twitter Are Just Asking Questions About Trump’s Size

On Twitter, people were quick to question Trump’s physical results. “People” included MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who offered up the term “girther” as a description of anybody skeptical of the president’s purported measurements, which quickly became a hashtag used by anybody sharing pictures of Trump next to somebody else who reportedly weighs 239 pounds. James Gunn offered to donate $100,000 to “Trump’s favorite charity” if the president would publicly step on a scale. Mostly, it was just a lot of pictures of Trump compared to pictures of tall dudes in very good shape.

Read some of the “Girther” tweets at NY Mag



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