GOP Gov Wants Cops to Be Immune from Lawsuits if They Kill Us

The Republican Governor of New Mexico would like to “protect” cops from being sued if and when they kill a suspect, or use excessive force against a suspect, because these cops need protecting.

If you have any delusions still left about the myth that is “protect and serve,” legislation like this should quickly dispel you of that illusion.  The legislation would offer immunity from lawsuits by those pesky, little, inconsequential citizens the police are ostensibly created to protect.

Even if they kill one of us, even if they use excessive force, they should be protected from being held accountable from anyone but the group that benefits the most from their services, the government.

Republican Governor Wants to Give Police Officers Immunity from Killing, Using Excessive Force Against Suspects

The Republican Governor of New Mexico could soon propose legislation that would protect police officers from lawsuits—essentially granting them immunity from cases of excessive force.

Governor Susana Martinez’s bill would shield officers who fail to comply with police orders but would not protect officers who do not obey orders or break from training, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

“I don’t believe that police officers should be under this constant threat of lawsuits that will often cause them to pause,” Martinez recently told the Journal. “If they’re following their training, there should be something that protects them.”

The bill would protect cops and citizens from the “massive payouts that taxpayers are giving crooks and thieves who are hurt or injured by police officers who are doing their job,” Martinez added.

Steven Robert Allen, the public policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union in New Mexico, told Newsweek that the governor’s proposed bill would make it even more impossible to hold officers accountable.

“Any requirement that we lay an additional immunity for police officers makes absolutely no sense,” he said. “No one is saying police officers should not be allowed to use reasonable force when their safety is in jeopardy. Excessive force is being used by police officers over and over again…and those officers are not being held accountable.

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