How Gov Created and Keeps Creating Impediments to Puerto Rico’s Recovery

Puerto Rico is Saddled with a Major Hurricane Aider, and Recovery Killer, Government Bureaucracy

On Reason’s Most Weekly, Andrew Heaton looks at the issues in Puerto Rico that may have undermined its capacity to recover from a major hurricane before Irma ever struck the island.  Here’s the cliff notes version:

What’s now impeding the ability of people to help those in need in Puerto Rico, whether they are fellow Puerto Ricans or people coming from the outside to help?  Government.  We’re inclined to agree.

From Reason

Thursday President Trump awarded himself 10 out of 10 on the federal government’s response to post-hurricane Puerto Rico. Perhaps. Regardless of how the president and FEMA have responded, Puerto Rico was set up for disaster well before Hurricane Maria hit. Revoked tax breaks, needlessly expensive imports, and crippling debt added to a shoddy infrastructure that’s still without power on most of the island.

On the latest “Mostly Weekly,” Andrew Heaton explores: how did Puerto Rico get screwed over well before the lights went out, and how do we get them back on?

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