Graphene’s Limitless Energy Potential Explored

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Move Over Lithuim, Graphene-Bio Implants Could be Future of Perpetual, “Free” Battery Power

Back in 2004, two University of Manchester physicists discovered a way to isolate atom-thin sheets of granite, producing graphene.  The discovery set off a chain of developments that has revolutionized 3D printing.  Now, the question be pondered is this, can graphene be a source to “unlimited, free energy?”

Graphene is essentially a 2D sheet of atoms that, nonetheless, has the properties of 3D solid materials, materials that ‘ripple.’  Just recently, researchers from the University of Arkansas, led by Paul Thibado, decided to investigate the nature of this rippling.  During this study, the researchers uncovered something about the nature of this motion that changed their focus.

The researchers discovered that patterns were forming from fluctuations, fluctuations that created shifts called Levy flights.  These types of shifts can be seen at biological levels, but they have never been seen at the atomic level.

The researchers placed electrodes on the ends of the sections of the graphene where the shifts were taking place.  To their surprise, they registered a small shift in voltage.  The team came to the conclusion that the amount of energy produced in a ten-micron by ten-micron section of graphene is about ten micro-watts of power.

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If their conclusions are right, then the energy produced in an area the size of a pinhead could be .2 watts of power.  The energy produced would be, theoretically, infinite. A caveat for this is the graphene must be at room temperature (about 65 degrees).

The research has been picked up the US Naval Research Laboratory, with Thibado continuing to lead the project.

Here is a video about this:

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