Grocery Store Fires Incompetent Worker, and It’s a Robot

Dem robots is coming for our jerbs!  But nope..not so much, at least not in Scotland where a robot just got fired from a grocery store for being a bad worker.  Not sure if we should celebrate or not that humans can do grocery work better than robots, but there you have it.

Robot fired from grocery store for utter incompetence

It was a noble experiment gone awry.

A robot was just fired from a grocery store in Scotland for confusing some customers and freaking out others.

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The robot, a customized version of SoftBank’s Pepperhumanoid, was programmed by Heriot-Watt University for Margiotta, a Scottish grocery chain. The retail experiment was orchestrated by the BBC for an episode of a series examining interactions between robots and humans, Six Robots & Us.

“We thought a robot was a great addition to show the customers that we are always wanting to do something new and exciting,” Elena Margiotta, who helps run the grocery chain with her family, told The Telegraph.

Installed in the grocer’s flagship Edinburgh store, the robot, which shop owners named Fabio, was programmed with directions to hundreds of SKUs. Like Pepper robots in retail environments in Japan, the unit was also programmed to be something of a ham, able to tell jokes, dispense hugs, and engage in lively banter.

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