Headlines You May Have Missed – February 15th, 2018 – Episode 042

Afrin Under Siege

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Afrin Under Siege, Fed’s Bigly Record, Cell Sex and You, China Tariff Expansion, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Top Story

Afrin Now Fully Surrounded, and the Water Has Been Cut Off

Top Headlines

US Claims of Records Not Found from FISA Requests Reaches All-Time High
Understanding Cell Sex Could Lead to More Effective Nanoparticle and Drug Therapies
More Tariffs from the US Headed China’s Way
Ikea Offers Bug Versions of Meatballs and Burgers
Iranian Relations With Russia Strained as Result of Syrian War
Living and Constructed Cells Fused to Make Mini-Chemical Factories
California’s Gun Confiscation Model Goes Forward with More Select Seizures
France Brings Lawsuit Against Apple and Google in Protectionist Move
Fox Unveils Man v Robot Show
Spain Outlaws Political Satire
Nanoparticle Can Track and Kill Breast Tumors

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