First Take the Guns, Then Take the Homeschoolers – HYMHM – Ep. 53

Headlines You May Have Missed – Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

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On this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed with Paul Gordon,
Target Homeschoolers, Quantum Records, AI is Peoples, Nanoparticle Doctors, and more.
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Top Story
California Prepares to Target Homeschooling for Gov Intervention
Top Headlines
Scientists Set New Record For Quantum Entanglement, Shattering the Old Mark
EU Considers Whether AI Should Be Given Legal Status of Personhood
Nanoparticles Released by Human Cells Could Be Key to Early Cancer Detection
TurkReich Claims 152 Islets from Greece in Bid to Claim Aegean Waters
Priests Using Cell Phones to Conduct Exorcisms
Octopus Cells Hold Key to Creation of Medical Wonder, Smart Metamaterials
Why the Supreme Court Needs to End Civil Asset Forfeiture
Big Finance Wages War on Gun Manufactuers in Bid to Disarm Americans
Catalan Parliament Defies Madrid with 2nd Vote for Arrested Secessionist Leader
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