The Fortnite Path to Higher Education – HYMHM – Ep. 055

Headlines You May Have Missed – Monday, April 23rd, 2018

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On this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed with Paul Gordon,
Fortnite’s College Credentials, A House in Two Days, Coinbase Assault, DNA Cops,
and more.
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Top Story

Fortnite Your Way Through College With Gaming Scholarship


Top Headlines

Coinbase Cuts Off Wikileaks from Its Account
Startup Creates 3D-Printed House in Two Days
Biochips Built by Micro-Pyramids Thanks to 3D Printing Breakthrough
Houston Cops Testing Portable DNA Machines, What Could Go Wrong?
Scientists Create Theoretical Ice That Is ALMOST As Hot as the Sun
MA Preschool Bans Phrase “Best Friend” to Eliminate Exclusiveness
Canadians Attempting to Build Stealth-Busting Quantum Radar
Two Catalan Officials Terminated by Madrid
Getting Light Down to One Atom is Now a Thing
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