Headlines You May Have Missed – Tuesday, January 9th 2017

Headlines You May Have Missed – Tuesday, January 9th 2017

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The Bundy Trial Fiasco Mercifully Comes to An End

Bundy Freed, Pakistan Chilling, Merkel’s Madness, Net Neutrality Published, Maryland’s Pot Problem, American God of War and more on this edition of Headlines You May Have Missed


Top Headlines


Bundy Set Free, and No Retrial Possible
US Responds to Pakistan by Suspending Security Assistance
Merkel Fails To Form Coalition, and Time is Running Out
FCC Publishes Net Neutrality Order
Maryland Joins List of States Challenging Gun Rights of Medical Marijuana Users
Chinese Dating App Delivers only Bots, not Women, to Single Men
American God of War Redux as Trump Pushes “Buy American” Arms
China’s Social Media Is Enabling an Orwellian Police State
The First 5G Trial In Africa Hits 20Gbps, 1000x Faster Than Econet’s 4G
More Headlines
CEO of porn cryptocurrency disappears ‘with all of his investors’ money’ after inventing bitcoin-style system for XXX videos
The decline and fall of neoliberalism in the Democratic Party
Brace yourself for AI and blockchain
US Supreme Court Leaves Intact Mississippi Law Curbing Gay Rights
Europe caught between the US and China
The world population of robots is growing fast – we’ve got the numbers
The libraries of the future will be made of DNA
Panasonic is building an incredible smart city outside of Denver
US hikes preliminary anti-dumping tariffs on China-made PV products
Facebook could have exposed your mobile number to advertisers
Smartphones Losing Ground to Digital Voice Assistant Devices in Homes, Accenture Survey Finds
Hungary’s Orban tells Germany: ‘You wanted the migrants, we didn’t’
Israeli tech powers major wave-energy station in Ghana
Greek court suspends asylum granted to Turkish soldier
Sudan: Egypt has no right to criticise our relations with Turkey
Putin’s gamble has paid off
Pakistan cautions US about consequences of anti-Taliban offensive
Japan Plans to Convert the Izumo-class Into a True Aircraft Carrier?
Turkey’s Nationalist Opposition to Back Erdogan in 2019 Election
Putin’s Goals Went Beyond Saving Assad
UK ‘inadvertently helped neuter’ Middle East ally the Iraqi Kurds
South Korean Law Firm to Try to Appeal Exchange Regulations
Israel Wants to Ban Trading of Crypto-Related Companies’ Shares
Will Russia’s Cryptorouble Become the First National Cryptocurrency to Launch?
#MeToo Has Reached China, but Will It Have an Impact?
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