House GOP Member Sounds Warning About Deceptive Fix NICS Bill

Republican Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky is continuing to sound the alarm about the so-called Fix NICS bill which has been attached to the National Reciprocity Concealed Carrier Bill.  Despite the NRA endorsing it, despite most members of the GOP voting for it, Massie is claiming that the Fix NICS Bill is not as it appears.  He also says there is no reason to pair these two bills together.  Let them rise or fall on their own merit.

He is also revealing that Obama-era regs are still being used to deny Veterans their right to bear arms.  So far, there’s not many people listening, though I have written about this poison pill before.

Thomas Massie: NRA “Duped” By Leftist “Bait And Switch” Into Supporting Gun Control!

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is fighting mad that the majority of Republicans are supporting gun control in the House and Senate. The Fix NICS bill, endorsed by the NRA and supported by all but 10 GOP lawmakers in the House, is a deceptive gun control measure that was paired with concealed carry reciprocity in order to bamboozle conservatives, Massie argues.

Massie claims that the NRA was even working behind the scenes to bully legislators with threats into voting for Fix NICS as it was, preventing the gun control provisions of the legislation from being separated from concealed carry reciprocity. According to Massie, Fix NICS “will send $625 million over 5 years to states to expand the national background check database.”

“We could have divorced these bills and it would have sailed through because it passed in 2011 with nothing attached to it,” he said.

Massie is still sounding the alarms about this outrage, even as the NRA’s legislative arm releases propaganda to deride the staunchly constitutional Kentucky lawmaker.

“What a lot of folks don’t realize is the [Department of Veterans Affairs] is still using Obama’s rules to take away veterans rights to keep and bear arms without a court process, and that’s wrong,” Massie said. “And this Fix NICS bill doesn’t fix the bill, it doubles down on a broken system that has had over three million false positives.”

Massie explained than less than .2 percent of people denied firearms under NICS are even prosecuted, indicating that false positives occur all the time. This is why Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Chris Murphy and others support Fix NICS, and by attaching it to concealed carry reciprocity, the swamp has pulled a fast one on most Republican lawmakers and even the NRA.

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