How the Scientific Dictatorship Took Over After World War II

…in just 8 easy steps!

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  1. nice try but as others have already said….a bit "weak"on the underside..lets me spice it up a bit………….The first step was creating humans in the physically and mentally weak powerless physical form we find ourselves. So that we as individuals are so utterly dependent on others that we "know" very little from direct experience. Coming into this world as a naive completely dependent baby who is in need of schooling and ruled by parents has also got to be an important part of the overall "plan".

  2. Yeah, I think that a paperclip got into the machine. Then the paperclip took over the machine.
    Let me double check; got into βœ”βœ”, took over βœ”βœ”. Yup! That's how it happened.
    We are being controlled by a defective machine. What to do?

  3. Read Eustace Mullins "The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax."
    My government terrorized me with "Duck and Cover" drills ala Tavistock for years.
    Now, I don't believe anything from Gov or their creators…Media.
    Shed the mind virus…turn off the TV!

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