Hugh Hefner To Be Interred Next To Marilyn Monroe

Well it seems like everyone’s ‘favorite’ creepy lech of an old man managed to buy his way right next to the sex symbol of all sex symbols of the 20tth century, Marilyn Monroe.  For a mere $75,000, the man was able to reserve a place for his bones to rest next to the bones of Marilyn Monroe.

From NPR

The Los Angeles Times reported that Hefner paid $75,000 to buy the drawer next to Monroe’s in a Los Angeles mausoleum, where her crypt is often marked by the lipstick kisses of her fans.

“I’m a believer in things symbolic,” Hefner told the newspaper. “Spending eternity next to Marilyn is too sweet to pass up.”

Of course Monroe, who died in 1962, didn’t get a say in whether she would want to spend the hereafter next to Hefner. He might not have been her first choice.

Monroe was both the cover and centerfold for the very first issue of Playboy.

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