I Do (Insert Purist Ideal Here) Better Than You Because You Suck At What I’m Good At

The multiplicity of self deceives us in how we judge others

There is no one path of progress for any of us.
There are multiple paths with multiple “purposes.”
Even the best, most self-aware people, must often decide which path should be given more focus, more attention, more discipline, than others.
Because of this (if my assumptions are correct), when we come upon people that are far behind or far ahead of us in some of these paths, it would be circumspect of us to remember that the idiocy or the brilliance that a person possesses in one path is not necessarily indicative of their progress (or lack thereof) going down other paths.
For some, they may even be self-aware enough to understand certain paths in their life where they have, for one reason or another, not invested much effort to ‘advance’ and they’re just fine with that because, for them, they are investing more in other paths they deem more essential to their preferences at that phase in their lives.
It is too easy to declare righteous thunder and purity when your metaphorical flag is planted far down the path from where your target for condemnation and judgment is standing.

An end caveat: All words connoting value are subjective.
The use of the word “path” is subject to change. This is a rough draft of a thought that may germinate into something more, or may die the death of the passing Facebook feed.

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