iSDaily Tuesday – March 15th, 2018 – Episode 043

Cell Sex Means Better Drugs

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On this episode of iSDaily Tuesday with Bodhi Agora and Paul Gordon,
On iScience, Cell Sex is The Thing for Medicine
On Lulzilla, Mr Potatohead, now with a Higher IQ
On iPonder, The Other Side of the Great Man Theory

iSDaily Tuesday
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iScience Top Story

Understanding Cell Sex Could Lead to More Effective Nanoparticle and Drug Therapies

Lulzilla Top Story

World’s Smartest Man Turns into Potato on Reddit

iPonder Top Story

What Jordan Peterson Teaches Us About the Great Man and the Boogeyman

More Headlines from iSDaily Tuesday


The Mystery of the Egg-Skull Women of Medieval Europe
AI’s Black Box Comes into View Thanks to Cell Biology
Scentists Get to Watch a Star Get Eaten By a Black Hole
Getting Electrons Down to the Attosecond


Ikea Offers Bug Versions of Meatballs and Burgers
Roots Are Making Music, and Humans Are Helping Them
Pepe the Frog Sues InfoWars, But the Meme Wars Have Only Just Begun
Luddites Versus Self Driving Cars in San Fransisco?


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