iSDaily Wednesday – March 21st, 2018 – Episode 046

Google Pirates Are Coming to Get You

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On this episode of iSDaily Wednesday with The One True Niz and Paul Gordon,
On NewsFire, Meet the Road Turned Google Pirates of Raleigh
On Skynetter, Bad Social Credit Gets You Kicked off the Bus in China
On Liberty Tech, 3D Printing Homes for the Homeless

iSDaily Wednesday
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NewsFire Top Story

Raleigh Cops Demand Google Hands Over Private Data of Anyone Near Crime Scenes

Skynetter Top Story

China Uses Social Credit To Determine if You Can Use Public Transportation

Liberty Tech Top Story

3D-Printed Homes Help Families in Need in El Salvador

More Headlines from iSDaily Wednesday


Alabama Considers Ending Civil Asset Forfeitures Without a Conviction
Senate Rejects Bill That Would Halt US Participation in Yemeni War
Google News to Advance the MSM?
World Bank Warns of Mass Migrations As Climate Change Worsens
US Claims of Records Not Found from FISA Requests Reaches All-Time High
France Brings Lawsuit Against Apple and Google in Protectionist Move


Drones You Can Fly With Your Mind Alone
US Turning to AI for New Military Helicopter Design
Fox Unveils Man v Robot Show

Liberty Tech

Breakthrough in Qubits Could Lead to Mass Production of Quantum Processors
Nikon Developing Self-Repairing 3D Printer
New Zealand Launches First-Ever Flying Taxi Service
Stars Deliver Drugs to Cells at the Nano-Scale
Living and Constructed Cells Fused to Make Mini-Chemical Factories
Nanoparticle Can Track and Kill Breast Tumors

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Google Pirates Are Coming to Get You – iSDaily Wednesday

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