Ice T’s Wife Told to Stop Braiding Her Hair or She’s Racist

Under the guise of cultural appropriation, Coco Austin is the latest ‘victim’ of social shaming by the proponents of this anti-liberty belief.  The wife of Ice Tea is being accused of being racist because she wore braids that look like cornrows and that’s a black thing, apparently.  Cultural appropriation is a demented extention of the equally ridiculous, equally anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-creative idea of intellectual property.  Except cultural appropriation extends this magical ‘property’ right to a collective, a monolithic entity that doesn’t exist.  The idea that all blacks claim ownership of a practice like cornrowing is proven wrong if you just and talk to some individuals in that involuntary tribe of ‘black.’  You’ll find plenty of folks in that involuntary tribe that reject such ownership claims and, furthermore, reject the whole notion of cultural appropriation, as they should, as any individual should, regardless of the involuntary tribe others say they belong to.

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Coco Austin’s latest style statement caused some controversy on social media.

The 38-year-old model proudly displayed her new braids last week, but not everyone was feeling her hairstyle. “My new braids! I call [them] Da Coco Swoop. I wanted a little change up for the summer,” she captioned a video of her new ‘do. “I name all the braid styles I do, even hairstyles with no braids. It’s a cute thing I do. I have many weird Coco-isms ‘do.”

Days later, Coco was back on social media defending her summer style. “So, recently I got social media’s panties in a bunch because I did braids to my hair. This is so stupid. I can’t believe I’m talking about it, and I believe this shouldn’t be turned out to be a race thing,” she said in a video shared on Instagram. “This is what happened: I did my braids and I called them the Coco Swoop. I name all my styles that I do to myself. These are called the Coco Swoop. The braids before were called the Bo Derek braids. And it’s a Coco-ism. I’ve always done it.”

Ice-T’s wife further justified her look, insisting that she can name her hairstyles whatever she wants. “Why can’t we all rename hairstyles or braids? That sounds so stupid. Why is everybody claiming something they shouldn’t? I know braids have been around for thousands of years. Don’t you think I know that?” she declared. “If I want to wear a pineapple on my head, then I should be able to wear a pineapple on my head and call it the Pineapple Cocowop. I don’t know. You see where I’m going with this? Why is everybody hating?”

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Coco Austin Defends Her Braids After Social Media Backlash: ‘It’s Not a Race War’

The 38-year-old model’s latest style statement caused some controversy on social media.

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