Illinois Government to Use Blockchain for Record Keeping

The State of Illinois appears to be poised to incorporate the Blockchain into their government record-keeping.


Setting a precedent for all levels of American government, the Illinois state legislature recently advanced a bill to create a task force to study the benefits of transitioning to a blockchain-based platform for record keeping and service delivery.

The bill explains: “Blockchain technology is a promising way to facilitate a transition to more efficient government service delivery models and economies of scale, including facilitating safe, paperless transactions, and permanent recordkeeping immune to cyber-attacks, and data destruction.”

It adds: “Nations and municipalities across the world are studying and implementing government reforms that bolster trust and reduce bureaucracy through verifiable open source.”

Robert Viglione, co-founder of ZenCash, the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, commented:

“The news that Illinois has created a Legislative Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Task Force presents a great example of governments both being responsive to making use of new technology, as well as staying competitive in offering attractive regulatory environments.

US State of Illinois May Transition to Blockchain-based System | Finance Magnates

Blockchain technology offers governments opportunities to improve efficiency, cost savings, and cybersecurity.

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