Imagine Making Love Under a Ceiling of Exploding Shells

Imagine Making Love Under a Ceiling of Exploding Shells

I walk with you.

The same way we always go

the river

the muddy path

your skirt a bit too high

my hands a bit too hot

Though you do not know it, I find myself breathing

heavily when you’re around

I breath heavily around you and your short skirt.

I want to take the long way.

I want to have a chance.

Bombs go off in the distance

We see the brilliant phosphorescence,

a milky Catharine wheel across the city’s boring


I take the long way home unafraid of the falling


I walk with you with your short skirt, my hands

warm on your thighs, my eyes

sleeping on the nape of your neck.

I move closer.

bombs fall.

we kiss.

bombs fall.

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