India to Deploy Fast Breed Reactor

India joins an elite group of one, which now makes it two, of countries that have nuclear reactors that use what’s called “fast breed reactor” technology.

Meanwhile in America, efforts are being made to protect coal industry jobs.


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India plans to commission its first fast breeder reactor (FBR) by the end of this year at Kalpakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. India’s Prototype Fast Breed Reactor will produce 500MW of power.

India would be the second country worldwide to have a commercial reactor currently produce power through a fast-breeder reactor. Russia owns the other commercially run FBR, the Beloyarsk Nuclear Plant. Countries such as the US, France, and Japan have also experimented with fast breeder technology programmes. France had a commercial fast breeder (Superphenix reactor) from 1985 to 1998.

India nearing completion of 500 MW commercial fast breeder reactor |

India nearing completion of 500 MW commercial fast breeder reactor

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