iNews Digest – Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

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Two news items were reported on the ongoing saga with political prisoner Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the site Silk Road.  Ulbricht is essentially being held in prison for creating a platform that allowed people to buy and sell whatever they wanted anonymously.  As we reported in another article, anonymity is the greatest threat to the power of the state, so, naturally, Ross Ulbricht had to be thrown into a hole forever.

To that end, it has been reported now that Ulbricht is to be moved to a Federal Prison in Colorado, a prison reserved for the most dangerous, the most violent criminals.  This despite the fact that Ulbricht has no history of violence and is not currently serving time for committing any acts of violence.

Ulbricht’s case is going through the court system, and it is expected that, eventually, it will end in a showdown in the Supreme Court where Ulbricht may finally have a real day in court, as opposed to the kangaroo court that convicted him and sentenced him to two life sentences for creating a website that allowed people to buy and sell whatever they want anonymously.

His crime is in allegedly creating anonymity, make no mistake about it.


So you think slavery is dead?  What if I told you another type of slavery exists?  That slavery exists in the form of prison labor, and the prisoners are coming from draconian drug laws, among others.  Underground Journalist has a thought-provoking article examining the case of prison labor.

They’re unpaid, they’re forced to work, but is it slave labor?




Wired Magazine asks the question, where are the drones that could be delivering supplies to Puerto Rico right now, bypassing the logjams that are currently preventing much needed supplies from being delivered?  Good question.  Where are you, drones?

The answer my friends, is drones in the sky…




From our “Longer Leash” files comes this story about an appeals court refusing to reconsider a case in which it struck down the anti-human, anti-liberty conceal carry gun laws of the tyrannical city of Washington DC.

From Our Longer Leash files….



Florida man was found wandering the streets of….wait.  This story is NOT about Florida man, but I guarantee you, you’ll be convinced this guy must have recently moved to Wyoming, or perhaps he has close kin in Florida.  Either way, the Florida is STRONG in this Casper, Wyoming man.

Doing his best Florida man impression


Some people give their heart and their soul for their art.  Other people give some…well…OTHER part of their body for their art.  In the case of a British woman named Tracy Kiss, that part of her comes from deep within.  When I say deep within, I mean….deeeeeeeep….within.

Say what now?



Well it seems like everyone’s ‘favorite’ creepy lech of an old man managed to buy his way right next to the sex symbol of all sex symbols of the 20tth century, Marilyn Monroe.  For a mere $75,000, the man was able to reserve a place for his bones to rest next to the bones of Marilyn Monroe.

Creepy for eternity


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