iNews Digest – Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

More iNews- Stories That Didn’t Make It to the Front Page


Catalonia Continues to Resist Spanish Ultimatum/

THe Obama Car Time Bomb



New Imaging Tool Could Help in Fight Against Cancer

FAA wants Emergency Powers to Regulate Drones

Track Anyone You Want, for Just $1K

Nanobots are the Future…For Superhumans



Media Bias Against Guns is 5-1

ATF Tells NRA, Not So Fast, We Can’t Regulate Bump Stocks

Spokane Cops Want Suppressors to Protect from Hearing Damage


Get Ready for the Bitcoin Hard Forks

Russia Creates Digital Anti-Crypto-Currency, Stato-Currency


Blockchain To Bring Us AI Faster, and Help Us Regulate It


Young Women Drugged, Braids Stolen in Trending India Crime

That Missing Matter in the Universe? Found!

Gov Officials Plot $1.2 Million Fajita Heist


Tragedy for Trailer Park Boys Fans, Mr Lehey is Dead

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