Iowa’s Move to End Permit-Based Gun Carry Upsets Prog Media Writer, Kathie Obradovich

It seems that Kathie Obradovich is upset that Iowa is moving to no longer attempt to restrict a person’s right to own tools of a means of self-defense.  Iowa is preparing to “allow” their residents to use their tools of self-defense without begging Daddy (or Mommy, whichever you prefer) to give them permission to possess these tools of self-defense.

Kathie, living in the midst of an extremely pro-gun state, decided to use the full weight and power of her Prog Media Propaganda Platform, the Desmoine Register, to paint the legislators as being nothing more than bought and paid for shills of gun manufacturers.

To Kathie, the idea that other human beings might actually realize they have no right to attempt to impede the ability of other human beings to own effective tools of self-defense (guns) is so alien to her boot licking, police state desiring self, that she can only imagine they must have been paid to do so.

The excerpt from her agit prop, anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-human hate speech can be found below.  I encourage you NOT to click through to read the whole article unless you’ve received an up-to-date vaccine shot against the virus that is prog gun phobi-itis

I will give her one thing, at least she is clearly writing an opinion piece, albeit one that reveals her to be a dangerous neighbor.

So, if you live in Iowa, and you know Kathie Obradovich, stay away from her.  She is aching for a day that one day her police state will come and she will be able to then become the police state informant she clearly, deep down, wants to be.

Don’t trust her, don’t associate with her.  Gun grabbers are NEVER to be trusted.

‘Gun-friendly’ Iowa could allow permit-free weapon carrying, kill last few restrictions

Kathie Obradovich

Here’s an answer to the state of Iowa’s budget problem: Sell naming rights for the Iowa State Capitol. Smith & Wesson or Glock should be willing to pony up a tidy sum, given all the extra sales they can expect thanks to the efforts of Republican lawmakers.

In the span of just a few hours in the Iowa Senate last week, GOP senators advanced proposals to dramatically expand the freedom to carry without pesky permits and curtail the government’s ability to impose restrictions.

Yes, they’re trying to expand gun rights even more than they already did last year with the bill that made Iowa the “one of the friendliest states in America for gun owners.” That’s how the Washington Post described it, anyway.

Last year’s legislation made it fine and dandy to carry guns in courthouses and the state Capitol. It allowed children to use handguns under adult supervision. It allowed a gun owner to shoot someone in public if he felt threatened by the person, even if it turned out there was no actual threat.

Less than a year after winning most extensive gun-rights legislation in Iowa history, the gun lobby thinks the state needs a constitutional amendment to protect gun rights. Go figure.

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