Is Adpocalypse Coming to Facebook, and If So, Why Should You Care?

It looks like Facebook may be facing the same type of social justice enforcement through corporate power backlash that YouTube went through.  First, Unilever threatened Facebook to become more social justice certified, and now Salesforce is making similar demands on Facebook.

The tactic of using your market power to affect social change on the world is one long ago adopted by the so-called neo-liberals (who are not so neo, and more puritanical than liberal).

But this time, I’m happy to report, their tactic of undermining platforms that are already favorable to their particular brand of social engineering through the marketplace will only help the rise of platforms that favor more “liberal” (in the classical sense of the term) social media platforms that are not so dependent on statist-leftist-owned businesses for monetization.

With emerging blockchain-based platforms like Steemit, the undermining of Facebook’s monetization model will either force Facebook to become less and less useable by a vast number of folks that don’t fit into the narrow definition of social unity that neo-liberal corporations like Salesforce and Unilever hold, or have to dramatically scale back their operation due to loss of millions of dollars of ad revenue from these giant puritanical corporate trolls.

In addition to the hastening of the rise of alternative social media unencumbered by the puritanical morality police of the neo-liberal corporate priestly class, moves by these self-righteous politi-corps will also hasten the emergence of alternative products and services offered by individuals who have chosen not to use their market power to attempt to affect social justice change on the rest of the world.

The power you have today, neo-liberal morality police of the marketplace, will not be nearly as great in the very near future, and you only have your self-righteous, smug little inquisition-lite selves to blame.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Steps Up Attack on Facebook, Social Media Inc. Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff said consumer giant Unilever’s recent threat to pull ads from social-media sites is just the start of the backlash against questionable online content, stepping up his verbal attacks against Facebook Inc.

“You’re going to see the beginning of a movement,” Benioff said on Tuesday at The New York Times New Work Summit in Half Moon Bay, California. “When these crises hit, it’s like a tidal wave.”

On Monday, Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed said the consumer products company won’t invest in “platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create divisions in society,” according to the Financial Times. Weed’s comments sent shockwaves through the digital-ad world. Over the past year, many marketers have criticized Facebook, Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube as they struggled to identify and stamp out inappropriate and politically explosive content.

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