Is Patreon to be Prog’d Like YouTube?

Black Pigeon reports on successful efforts by the left to shut down the accounts of conservative alt media personalities on Patreon.  As I have said before, patreon might not be the safe free speech haven some have imagined it to be.  While many YouTube content creators have been turning to Patreon for revemue support in the wake of YouTube’s adpocolypse and increasingly progressive-infused ‘standards,’ they are finding that Patreon may be just as unstable a platform for anyone who does not carry the progressive worldview as YouTube is increasingly becoming.
To be sure, I am not a huge fan of Lauren Southern and her nationalist message, but I am also not a huge fan of any platform that purports to be for free speech deleting her account because it dared challenge the notion that the current immigration ‘crisis’ in Europe is a good thing and should not be questioned.  They are a private company.  They can do what they want, but let’s not pretend Patreon is a safe space for free speech.
Watch the video for news of Lauren Southern and others’ recent deletion from Patreon, as well as information about the progressive speech-standard creep currently beginning to take place at Patreon’s highest levels.

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