Is Taxation Theft? – We Asked Canadians & The Results Are Terrifying!

Josh Sigurdson hits the streets of Winnipeg, Canada for Canada’s 150th birthday to ask people if they think taxation is theft. Let’s just say, people in Canada have a lot of learning to do…

As people are extorted to death by taxes in Canada, it appears people have little resentment. From carbon taxes which is basically a tax on everything and benefits the massive monopolies that the left pretends to hate, to the PST, GST, income tax, business tax, capital gains tax, property tax (which stops people from ever actually owning their house), gas tax, plastic tax, excise taxes and in some places an MST the level of extortion is enormous.

When you can’t opt out of paying taxes, it is theft. If some great collective came to your door and insisted you paid them for some “great idea” they have, would you not consider THAT theft? So how is being forced to pay a collective we call “government” under some social contract you never signed not theft?

Everything the government does, the free market does better. The inefficient and crumby services of the state cause a Hegelian perpetual problem of problem, reaction, solution, repeat. The bureaucracy monopolizes healthcare and causes the prices to hike, benefitting a few corporations who get the subsidization with no incentive to innovate, no incentive to compete for lower prices and bring great new medicines and treatments to cure horrible diseases. Instead, without competition the subsidized corporations just create a perpetual cash flow by putting medications and treatments on the market that just lead to more medications and treatments. It’s a scam!

Kids are indoctrinated by public schools, small businesses are regulated and taxes to death again stifling competition. Central banks print currency creating devaluation, debt and inflation (the hidden tax). Roads are built terribly with contractors guaranteed to get another contract a few years later with returning profit. The list goes on and on.

This glassy eyed religion cult called statism which people are brainwashed into believing in is not the great society, the great collective that people believe it to be. It’s an extortion racket, a control complex, a slave plantation. Don’t agree? Get kidnapped for a victimless crime and see your life get destroyed. Go into debt and watch the state and banking system use you as a pawn.

It’s time we truly bring anarchy to the streets, and not in the way many think, but the message of freedom must be understood and cannot be watered down.

Taxation is theft!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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Josh Sigurdson

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  1. The worst part is that if our leaders were not pissing away and stealing the money they have been over the decades Canada could easily run off of it's own GDP and would have no reason to tax you any further… it's theft! And every day these fucks look for a new way to collect more!!!

  2. I wish you ran into me when I was there. I see where people are coming from, but taxation is not legal, and is a form of theft. I am not sure what no government would look like, but as long as a government is in place to control people, someone's gotta fund it.

  3. this question is WAY too complicitated for canadians!!!! Just ask them this simple and stupid question… WHAT IS MONEY? And then watch those ?????????????????¿?¿ faces when they realize they don't even know the source of what they 've been running after for so long…..????????????????….and dont forget your Red canadian pills you dumbfuc….

  4. Fuck ya it theft!!!!! Something like 68% of all money earned goes to taxes in various forms. The Mofia is even better. People are just clueless. Tax when it comes into the country duties then taxed again. 40 years ago we had all the same roads. I see 2 new bridges in that time. Roads not re paved and taxes went up in every area. Problem is too many people work for the government doing an 8 hour job that should take 2. 90% struggle with what they make so want more taxes on companies that provide the jobs. Canada is going to shit. More people on drugs and alcohol (drug) than most countries I've been to. I do love the nature and people though. Just a fucked up government like many countries.

  5. Taxation in Canada IS total theft! We are on the verge of civil disobedience at the least. Ppl are not going to take it any longer! These idiots are obviously Liberal freaks who don't have the ability to reason or have logic.

  6. "Democracy maaan," These people must be dominated, or the zionist narrative will simply do it through democracy. Fascism must come first, either white nationalism to establish civilization into the zeitgeist or a direct assault against communism or marxism. The average person will submit to either.

    As for me? Hail victory for the black sun is mighty, and the legion is fatherland. Perhaps after the world no longer needs Hitler, we can reach the stars if God wills it.

  7. No Surprise …. Canadians are braindead who do not understand reality… Sheeple…. and morons, good little slaves, the brainwashing has worked…. Wake up fools, income tax is slave tax.

  8. Winnipegers love their gummint and will take a lot of effort to move them towards freedom. That said, we had a local hero, Gerry Hart, who successfully fought against taxation on the basis that it is illegal. He was regularly in the news defending his ideals and claims against the govt. He was/is an inspiration to me for his courage and confidence in his assertions.

    He left some pretty big shoulders to stand on Josh and we all can learn something from his tax freedom fight.

  9. As long as the tax $$$ return back to the public/majority of the civilians, then it's worth it. not a theft. There are few things when tax $$$ are considered as theft: (1) When gov't officials are paranoid/scamming spending so much on Military (so-called 'Defense'). (2)   When most of the gov't officials are owned/controlled by Zionists (then we all know which way large portion of those tax $$$ goes to).

  10. purpose of government is to unite its peoples not create divisions with special rights designated for color, race, nationality , religion or gender , and so by …1- protect the rights of its citizens , 2- protect the peoples property , and 3- protect the boarders from any and all threats PERIOD! but when it gets involved with retail business , it becomes theft when it creates a monopoly through that authoritarian position , it has over stepped its purpose in these areas as well as many others , its main role for government is to be a SERVANT ! , police to SERVANTS ! to the public , municipalities to be SERVANTS ! the people , above and beyond that is theft in some form or another WHETHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY theft is still theft

  11. I don't think the idea of taxation is theft, if the tax is actually going towards things that help the communities of Canada as a whole, but it is provincial tax that I believe in more than federal tax, I think that there is a lot of money unaccounted for and that isn't being spent where Canadians think its being spent, there is a lot of waist, and accountability has to be taken, for instance there is a tax in Niagara falls tourist district, actually called the tourist tax, it is attached to every business down by Clifton hill even the fast food restaurants, have it, no one has an answer as to where that tax goes or who gets it? We don't even believe it is a legal tax! It doesn't even appear to be anything to do with the government? Questions about it have been asked for the last couple years, but never has anyone come out and actually explained properly why, and who it is for? We want answers, and is this happening all over Canada's tourist districts!

  12. What is the fattest crop you can grow on the 50th parallel? Potato/wheat can take frost but is there anything with higher calories? Avocados can't grow in Canada and coconuts certainly won't, any nuts?

  13. Josh as much as I agree I should be able to find a nice plot of land and just build a house and have nothing to do with paying property tax and work with paying income tax we just cant. The queen and Canada corperation claim to own everything. I realized 3yrs ago instead of getting angry about all of it there must be a way to avoid it and I have not paid any taxes at all in those last 3yrs by buying as much rsp's as it takes to lower my income taxes to almost nothing. Then because I have two children I get as much as I would have paid in taxes to pay off the money I borrowed to buy rsp. Also I get about $3400 in rebates such as trillium refund to help pay my utilities and gst refund. So there ya go… I paid ZERO tax and in fact end up with rsp to quit working earlier and live off. They give you a way to do it but most people are just to lazy or stupid to find it. I used to be until I got mad enough to figure it out.

  14. Lets face it, some taxes are a necessary evil. If the question had been "Are we over taxed"? Then the responses would of been completely different.
    This new Carbon Tax, for instance is a obvious grab for money from the "leaders".
    Who claim that these moneys will help stem the tide of another falsehood. Climate Change.

  15. Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

  16. Keep up the good work Josh, however you may find it to be quite a large undertaking to awaken the "living dead" from their over dose of Comatose Kool Aid,! Like Leaf fans they've been ODing on FAILURE in inferior results forever, yet they believe loyalty to what doesn't work is somehow an honorable thing! Can"t fix stupid!

  17. Yeah, I knew what the answer would be, and I just couldn't watch. We really REALLY need a strong voice for voluntaryism in this country (especially since Molyneux went over to the dark side).

  18. For those who say these people are stupid: they are VICTIMS of a history of indoctrination. They've been in slavery training all their lives, and they haven't stopped to think it all through. It is not easy to overcome cognitive dissonance and uncover the truth. We have to help them get over their blind obedience to the violent ruling class, not attack them. They aren't stupid, they aren't evil, and they really do believe that taxes help people in society. They're duped, yes, but they deserve the HELP of voluntaryists and anarchists, not our ridicule. Check out the work that Larken Rose is doing with Candles in the Dark.

  19. Non-Canadian here. Confiscation of the fruits of our labor. Involuntary donating to govt charity (welfare) programs. There was no federal income tax in the US until 1913. Before that property and imports were taxed.

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