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How to Radicalize Secessionists- the Catalan Problem

 The Spanish Government is cracking down heavy on the Catalans after they dared attempt to schedule a referendum vote on declaring their independence from Spain.  The moves include arresting Catalan political leaders and seizing all Catalan government funds.

The Catalans are calling for a referendum on whether to leave Spain and declare themselves sovereign.  The referendum is scheduled to happen on October 1st of this year, 2017.  The Spanish High Court, called the Constitutional Court, struck down the Catalan law that made the referendum possible.  That ruling came on September 7th, 2017.

This followed a statement by the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, a couple of days earlier that made it clear the Spanish National government was in no mood to “allow” the Catalans to disassociate from their State.

In part of his statement, the Prime Minister said that the Catalan Parliament’s vote to allow the referendum to go forward was an “intolerable act of disobedience.”

He continued, “The consultation is not going to happen in any case.  We are defending national sovereignty, the principle of legality and the institutions. We are defending the rights of all citizens, above all of the Catalans.”


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Maduro Breaks Goddard’s Law, Calls Trump Hitler

When Nicholas Maduro, the madman socialist dictator calls Donald Trump the new Hitler, it makes for some rip-roaring fun but fails to muster credibility.  It’s LITERALLY like Hitler calling Trump Hitler.
 Venezuela’s president called Donald Trump ‘the new Hitler’
President Donald Trump urged world leaders Tuesday to help restore “democracy and political freedoms” in Venezuela, singling out the South American country for some of his most blistering criticism in a speech to the United Nations.Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hit back by calling the U.S. president “the new Hitler” of international politics. He also accused Trump of threatening to assassinate him, even though Trump did no such thing. Trump threatened to build upon sweeping economic sanctions that the U.S. slapped on Venezuela last month if Maduro “persists on a path to impose authoritarian rule.”

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National Service is Just Slavery With Extra Steps

The folks at godarchy had an excllent takedown of a recent Washington Post article that advocates for a compulsory national service, for the good of the kids.  They put the post in terms of what it really is, an advocation for slavery for the sake of a better society.
Slavery for a Better Society

Washington Post opinion writer Richard Cohen advocates slavery for a better society.

Of course, he didn’t say slavery. But that’s exactly the policy he advocates. Cohen believes “compulsory service” would help Americans mix and learn about each other. That would lead to a more tolerant and understanding society.

Often the virtue of national service is described in the work done — public service projects of one sort of another. Fine. Spiff up the slums. Do some social work. But to me, the overriding virtue is education — learning about fellow Americans, getting past skin color or regional smugness, stereotypes that the rich have of the poor and the poor have of the rich. We need a national service that throws us all together, the urban with the rural, the Fox News types with the MSNBC crowd. That way, Americans can get to know Americans and learn — as previous generations did — that we are all Americans.”

Cohen actually makes a valid point when he observes Americans live in bubbles. They tend to surround themselves with like-minded people of similar backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. He looks back fondly at his time in the military and how it threw people of diverse backgrounds together and molded them into a team.  He rejects reinstituting the draft because “this generation of gluten-avoiders is not going to happily share a latrine with strangers.” But mandatory national service work – that’s the ticket!

Hey, it works in other countries.

“and they’re not the goose-stepping ones, either. Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Norway have versions of compulsory service.”

The problem here lies in the compulsion. That means force. As the dictionary defines compulsion: “the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something.” The word coercion also comes up. In simplest terms, the government points a gun at you and forces you to work for it.

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America Learns Lessons from Bombing Without Intelligence

America is coming up with all kinds of ways to bomb the enemy when they lack the boots on the ground to even tell them where the enemy is.  They are also coming up with ways to hide the collateral damage cost, that’s the killing of civilians, from these bombings without intelligence.

Syria Informs US Leaders on Future Air Wars

Fighting militant factions with no air force of their own and limited air defenses has become the new normal for the US. Not having real intelligence on where the enemy is, however, is a relatively new problem.

In the ISIS war in Iraq, and especially Syria, limited US ground presence has meant little to no direct targeting intelligence. It’s also informing the decisions of US leaders on what the future of air wars is going to look like.

So far, the US has tried to replace proper intelligence with computers. That’s meant using Google Earth to see if they can pick out anything that looks bombable, and scouring social media pages for any photographs jihadists might have posted that have actionable intelligence in the background.

That doesn’t necessarily sound great, but officials are branding it the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, which makes it sound high-tech, and like warfare maturing into the digital age. But does it work?

The Pentagon sure thinks so, though they’ve gone extremely out of their way to underreport the number of civilians they’ve killed in airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. That makes the consequences of their targeting failures a lot less visible at the decision-makers’ level, since they never admit that it’s happening.


Ohio Cops Claim Conceal Carriers Are A Threat to Their Lives in Effort to Kill Bill

An Ohio bill that would significantly reduce penalties against conceal carry permit holders who don’t report possessing guns to police passed a committie and is heading to the full house, but not before police organizations tried to get the bill killed, claiming it would put their lives in danger.

Gun backers accuse cops of lying about Ohio conceal-carry law

House Bill 142 was a watered-down substitute for an original bill that would have wiped out penalties altogether. It did, however, cut the penalty for not speaking up about your guns from a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine to just a $25 fine.

To the frustration of some pro-gun lawmakers, the compromise wasn’t enough for some gun-rights advocates.

Chris Dorr, director of Ohio Gun Owners, asked, “Who is this committee trying to placate?” Answering himself, he said it must be people who don’t have “full restoration of gun-owners’ rights at heart.”

Gary Witt, director of Ohio Concealed Carry, said that when law-enforcement groups say it puts officers in danger when they don’t know about permit holders’ guns during detentions and traffic stops, they’re making “false claims.”

As with Dorr, Witt said his group was opposed to anything short of scrapping the penalties.

And as with a few other pro-gun Republicans, Rep. John Becker of Union Township seemed incredulous.

“This legislation is way more than half a loaf,” he said. “It’s everything but the last slice.”

The measure, which did have the support of the Buckeye Firearms Association, passed the House Federalism and Interstate Regulations Committee 9-2. It goes now to the full House.


EPA Won’t Clean Sites Because 30 Year Old Work Plan Doesn’t Allow For It

The EPA is resting on a work schedule that was created over 30 years ago, and refuses to change it, even if the schedule is preventing them from sending workers from one site where no work is needed to another site where urgent work is needed to prevent deadly contamination.  Without government, who would waste our resources and allow our water to be poisoned for the sake of bureaucracy?


EPA Refuses To Send Staff Needed To Clean Most Toxic Waste Sites

Some of the most highly toxic waste sites in America aren’t being cleaned because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refuses to send staff where they’re needed most, a government watchdog reported Tuesday.

The EPA hasn’t changed how it distributes staff to Superfund sites in 30 years, despite acknowledging that the workloads across its 10 regions have changed, the agency’s Inspector General reported.

“Due to insufficient human resources to cover all Superfund site work, some regions have had to slow down or discontinue their efforts to protect human health and the environment,” the report said. (RELATED: Feds Ignored Contamination For DECADES In Poor Neighborhood Superfund Site)

“Some sites where work has slowed down or been discontinued do not have ‘human exposure under control’ or ‘groundwater migration under control,’” the report continued. “Other impacts include loss of subsistence fishing and human health exposure to chemicals such as lead and mercury. (RELATED: Feds Leave Dangerously Polluted Superfund Sites Uncleaned For DECADES)

Work at 49 Superfund sites in the northwest, for example, has slowed or stopped, and 34 of those lack the necessary staff. Seven of the sites endanger humans.

Additionally, the EPA isn’t sure if humans are threatened at one Montana site with contaminants such as arsenic and lead.

Move Over Blockchain, Here Comes Quantumchain

Just when we were beginning to wrap our heads around blockchain technology a new technology is beginning to emerge and it’s called Quantum Chain.  No, we don’t fully understand it, yet, but it promises two major things, one is to complete transactions much faster than blockchain, and two, and possibly more importantly, it creates a much more secure environment for transations than blockchain does.


A decentralized online quantum cash system, called qBitcoin, is given. Researchers designed a system which has great benefits of quantization in the following sense.A Firstly, quantum teleportation technology is used for coin transaction, which prevents an owner of a coin from keeping the original coin data after sending the coin to another. This was a main problem in systems using classical information and a blockchain was introduced to solve this issue. In qBitcoin, the double-spending problem never happens and its security is guaranteed theoretically by virtue of quantum information theory. Making a bock is time consuming and the system of qBitcoin is based on a quantum chain, instead of blocks. Therefore a payment can be completed much faster than Bitcoin. Moreover they employ quantum digital signature so that it naturally inherits properties of peer-to-peer (P2P) cash system as originally proposed in Bitcoin.

Last Out for the Lulz

Suspected Gun Thief Held at Gun Point After Returning Stolen Guns

A Pennsylvania gun owner is reunited with his guns after he offer a reward for the man he suspected stole his guns to return them.  Upon returning the guns, the homeowner, like a boss, loads one of them and holds the gun thief captive until the police arrive.

Man Held at Gunpoint After Stealing Guns

According to the criminal complaint, on September 14, officers were sent to a residence in Perry Township for a report of an individual in physical custody by the homeowner for possession of stolen firearms. Upon arrival officers saw Pete Lopez, 42, of New Castle, lying on the ground being secured by the homeowner. Investigation revealed Lopez had stolen firearms from the homeowner while he was staying at the residence off and on for a few weeks with the homeowners daughter. The homeowner suspected Lopez was the thief and had asked him to return the guns, to which Lopez stated he didn’t know anything about. Eventually Lopez stated he had found the guns and that they were sold to a New Castle drug dealer in exchange for $350.00 worth of narcotics. Lopez also stated he had told the dealer that he had to get the firearms back to the rightful owner and offered $200.00 for the guns. Lopez drove the stolen guns back to the victim at which time the victim took one of the stolen guns out from the trunk, loaded a chamber into it and told Lopez to get on the ground while they waited for police to arrive.

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