iWatch Daily – Thursday, October 5th, 2017

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In this edition of iWatch Daily, we cover the breaking news from the controlled opposition that is the NRA.  We look at America’s Star Chamber.  We cover the Crying Gun Grabber and his GOP friends.  And more.

Controlled opposition…

NRA Issues Statement Supporting Ban on Bump Stocks

The champions of liberty are enforcing and supprting secret courts….

The American Star Chamber, FISA, to Be Reauthorized, Strengthened by GOP-Led House

The Crying Gun Grabber Gets an Olive Branch from the GOP

GOP Considers Bump Fire Ban, Or Why the GOP are a Bunch of Surrender Monkeys

These wireless ear buds will enable you to understand 40 languages.

Google Pixel Buds Empower You To Talk to 90% of the Planet

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    Articile Continues:

    The right wingers might be done in by the same laws they once supported.

    Great Britain Ups Penalty for Looking at “Terroristic” Material on the Internet to 15 Years Max

    Toshiba has announced the development of a revolutionary new electric car battery.

    New Electric Car Battery Promises 20 Minute Recharge for 200 Mile Range

    If you can’t stand Christmas, this might cheer you up…

    Good News and Bad News About Santa Claus

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    Dash Developer, Chuck Williams, on Anarchast with Jeff Berwick

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    What’s so funny about murder and theft?

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