iWire Daily – Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Enabling Tyranny, Article 155, Millennial Guns, Dollar Heists and More



Section of Toronto to Go Full Google Digital City

US Beats Japan in Days-Long Robot War

Check Out This Off-Grid Floating Home




Undark Begs State to Self-Regulate in Wake of Drone Abuse by Police




Here Comes another Round of Celebrities Moralizing Against the Basic Right to Self Defense

Bad Guy Stopped with Gun- Home Intruder Shot Under Eye by Armed Home Owner





Kazakhstan to Create Stato-Currency “Backed by Fiat”

Ukraine Wants to Encourage Bitcoin Mining, Treat Bitcoin Like Financial Asset

Russians to Create a Crypto-Detective Agency





Datawallet Unveils Blockchain Powered Data Exchange Between Consumers and Businesses





Danes Open 3D-Printed Concrete Bridge

3D-Printed Space Parts Could Make Remote Repairs Easy Peasy




Petals Use Blue Halo to Attract Bees





Steve Irwin’s Family to Return to Animal Planet

Usher, Ludacris, and Stevie Wonder Sing Karaoke at Usher’s 39th Birthday Bash

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