Jena was waiting on the other side of the moon

Jena Was Waiting On The Other Side of The Moon

We do so well to invent

the world

in bits and pieces of what we wish things to be

or how we fear things are or have become.

The moon

is not a simple pall of light, but colors darkly

or lightly

by how we wish or fear the state

of things could be or are.


tramples all such preconceived

states and makes

the eye

bewildered by the moon’s raw pulse, such

bleached cover

over the once-dead bones and rocks

and dust and flame

that made

you utter in the dark sky’s trumpet of stars

“I have made you that I might believe my own life”


one humbly assumes breath and believes

nothing but that it is love that sewed sea to surf,

love that wove earth to sky, love that gave light

its receptor to perceive

love’s eye

present in all senses knowing that life is not

preconceived but is undone

and lived

in love’s simple bloom.

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