Jennifer Aniston’s Bans Chelsea Handler From Powerful Inner Circle

Jennifer Anisten has given Chelsea Handler the boot in the wake of an ongoing feud between the superstar actress and the hack wanna be comedianne. Yeah, clearly we’re biased here. FIGHT ME!


Jennifer Aniston’s friends have reportedly banned Chelsea Handler. Rumor has it, the 42-year-old comedian is banned from the “Horrible Bosses” actress’ inner circle following their feud.

According to a source, Jennifer’s pals, including Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, Jen Meyer, Molly Sims and Ellen DeGeneres “are all staunchly loyal.” The source tells Radar Online, “[They] are not interested in hanging with Chelsea.”

“Jennifer found out that Chelsea was spilling secrets about her marriage [to Justin Theroux] and talking behind her back,” reveals another source.

Chelsea is reportedly now desperate to get back into the center of Jennifer’s social circle. “Chelsea’s trying to organize a huge Halloween party right now, even though it’s over three months away!” says the source, “She’s sent out tentative invites asking people to hold the dates, but the silence has been deafening, and a few have gone so far as to coldly decline.”

The source continues, “Chelsea’s desperate to re-assert herself into the cultural conversation since suffering a drop in her profile as a result of relocating her show to Netflix and only airing new episodes once a week. She’s starting to realize that it’s going to be virtually impossible [to remain relevant] without Jen’s friendship.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Close Pals Ban Chelsea Handler

The 42-year-old comedian is reportedly banned from the ‘Horrible Bosses’ actress’ inner circle following their feud.

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