Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard Missing

The Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard Going Missing Is Yet Another Curious Oddity Surrounding this Story

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I am not given into conspiracy theories, despite what YouTube might think of our YouTube channel.  If you look on the right-side column of our YouTube page, you will see Alex Jones and Wikipolitics listed as related channels.  Both of these channels lean heavily into a myriad of conspiracy theories.

Thanks to the ‘everything is a false flag’ crowd, I am actually much less likely to give ear to the latest conspiracy theory than I was before these crowds gained such a large following that you can’t escape the cries of false flag after almost every event, be it natural or otherwise.

But the Las Vegas Shooter story keeps presenting inconsistencies that, in isolation, can be dismissed as the natural course of irregularities that emerge in reporting on a chaotic event.  However, in total, I find it harder and harder to at least not entertain the possibility that there is conspiracy at play behind the Las Vegas Shooting but it’s one that might turn out to be provable.

I am not in any doubt that any state is possible of doing anything if it feels it can get away with it, so I would not be the least bit surprised even if I found out the Las Vegas Shooting were orchestrated by state agents.  To be clear, I’m not saying this AT all.  And even now, I am not definitively saying that the Las Vegas Shooting wasn’t as it initially appeared to be, the act of a lone madman.

This story has shifting timelines, with Mandalay Bay Hotel representatives still disputing the latest timeline presented by the authorities investigating the case.  It has the case of a young woman who appears to have claimed there were multiple shooters dying suddenly about a week after the shooting.  And now it has the case of the missing guard, called now the Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard, Jesus Campos.

Campos as scheduled to appear on several TV interviews last week, but right before the first interview he disappeared.  MGM Resorts International Spokeswoman Debra Deshong said about the missing Campos, that he “wants to tell his story at a time and place of his choosing.  He’s asked that everyone respect his request for privacy.”

First of all, let me reiterate the point I made earlier.  There are a lot of inconsistencies with the Las Vegas Shooting story that, in isolation, don’t lead me to engage in a pursuit of conspiracy theories surrounding the event.  But coupled with so many other oddities about the Las Vegas Shooting story, this latest oddity doesn’t help.

Campos may not have disappeared so much as he hid himself away due to the pressure of having the whole nation scrutinize on him.  Campos may have been ordered to disappear by his employer who fears some sort of legal liability that might emerge if his story doesn’t completely line up with theirs.

If, for instance, Campos was injured by the Las Vegas Shooter 6 minutes before the shooter opened fire on the concert below him, then the Hotel might find itself liable for not acting fast enough.

Or )and this ‘or’ only comes after all the other strange twists in the Las Vegas shooting story) Campos was silenced, be it permanently or simply by being detained temporarily and possibly threatened, by the government for fear that he would reveal information that would show the whole event was staged by the government.

The last time anyone heard from Campos was last Friday, information that was only revealed yesterday, Tuesday, October 18th, 2017.  That information came from the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America Union Leader David Hickey.  He told the press that Campos was last heard from on Friday by a union member who had texted others that he was with Campos.

It was that same Union member that texted people to let them know that the scheduled TV interviews with Campos were cancelled.

Hickey said, “The message was, ‘We are taking him to a Quick Care.’  We’re hoping to hear from Mr. Campos, and if Mr. Campos contacts us for assistance we will be there.”

According to an AP story, all of their attempts to contact Campos, and even friends of Campos, were met with no response.  In addition to not having their phone calls returned, when they sent reporters to his home, a “woman entering the Campos family home who refused to be identified said he was not talking with reporters. The property was conspicuously posted with ‘No Trespassing’ signs.”

Added to the Campos disappearance is the sudden refusal by a maintenance worker at Mandalay Bay, Stephen Schuck who had last week appeared on the Today Show.  In that interview Schuck had claimed that both men were pinned down in the hallway by gunfire.  Shuck has since declined to speak any more to the press.

The Las Vegas Police seem to have no concern whatsoever that Campos has suddenly disappeared.  Their position is that Campos’ status is not affecting the investigation.  They also added, through department spokesperson Larry Hadfield, that they haven’t lost track of the Security Guard, nor do they believe he is in any danger.

Again, in isolation, this certainly has the appearance of a man who has either chosen to hide from the pressure of national attention or one that has been strongly encouraged to avoid the attention because he might say something that would create liability for his employer, MGM Grand Resorts.

I am still not given to pursue conspiracy theories.  I am still not the least bit surprised when I find out a conspiracy theory turns out to be true, even one that shows the state executing a wicked plan for its on self-serving ends.

I am still not at all convinced that this shooting wasn’t anything more than a lone gunman performing a singular act of evil against hundreds of people.  But, when you see as many strange inconsistencies in a story such as we have with the Las Vegas Shooting, then asking questions is not, in and of itself, a bad thing.

The fact that YouTube has decided to filter its content to only show mainstream media results for the phrase “Las Vegas Shooting,” only adds to the conspiratorial fog.  Furthermore, YouTube’s attempt to decide what’s best for you to see, rather than allow results to emerge in their search that reflect what users are actually looking for, can easily be circumvented by people actually looking for conspiracy-type content on the Las Vegas Shooting.

Just type Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy, or Las Vegas Shooting False Flag, and you will find the videos you might be looking for.  The mainstream media has decided to not pursue asking tough questions about the Las Vegas Shooting, ostensibly for fear of spreading ‘fake news,’ or conspiracy theories.

But the pursuit of attempting to answer some of these questions might do far more to quell the conspiracy theory talk than almost monolithically deciding to look the other way at the oddities surrounding this story.

Of course, if there really is a conspiracy, or a story the powers that be simply don’t want told, then even entertaining these questions is not possible, because putting them to bed, so to speak, is not possible.

As for me, I am more willing to ask probing questions about the Las Vegas Shooting than I have for almost every other claim of false flag or conspiracy story that floats through my social media timelines, feeds, and streams.  But no, that doesn’t mean I’ve given over to the ‘accept everything immediately as being part of a conspiracy’ crowd either.

I see nothing that should lead me to definitively conclude that this was anything more than a lone madman.  But then, I’ve seen nothing even approaching definitive to convince me that it actually was the work of a lone madman either.

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