Latest California Anti-Gun Bill Assaults Long Gun Open Carry in Un-Incorporated Zones

California’s assault on the human reality of self-defense continues with a new bill called Assembly Bill 7. ¬†This bill would ban long gun open carry in areas of the state that are “unincorporated,” meaning, to put it plainly, areas that are not directly under the control of an authority that is directly under the control of the state government.


More restrictions could come down on gun owners here in California, if new legislation gets signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 7 would ban people from openly carrying long guns in unincorporated areas in the state. The bill’s author, Assemblyman Mike Gipson of Los Angeles, said he wants to close a loophole in existing law. But, some gun owners in the Central Valley said it’s too much government oversight.

It’s a weapon often used for sport, farming, and hunting. Madera Ranchos resident Adam Torgrimson shops at Good 2 Go Guns and Ammo in Fresno. On Tuesday, he had his eyes on a rifle.

Torgrimson said, “To me, second amendment is very important for our security of a free nation. It goes hand in hand with the first amendment.”

But, Torgrimson said he feels the Second Amendment is being threatened with AB7.

“It’s another ridiculous law that a criminal’s not going to follow,” stated Torgrimson.

Asm. Gipson said it’s crucial this law go into effect. He said it’s dangerous for people to openly carry long guns, especially in urban or dense unincorporated cities, like West Compton or East LA.

Gipson stated, “I believe that second amendment was written at a time that didn’t take into consideration the times we’re living in right now.”

Gipson said however, there will be exceptions to the law.

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