Living Stories NewsTicker – April 25th, 2018


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Bitcoin Rival Accused of Trying to Artificially Boost Its Price
The Waffle House Shooting Suspect Thought Taylor Swift Was Stalking Him, Showed Other Signs Of Delusion
People are blowing up Yeti coolers over claims the company cut ties with the NRA
‘There’s This Little Fear’: Arizona Teachers Consider Legislative Backlash Against Walkout
Across the US, Courts are Keeping Voter Initiatives Off Local Ballots
Dog’s Cancer Was Teddy Bears
Erie County school districts oppose voucher bill
Israel scraps plan to expel African migrants
Wells Fargo Executives Win Support for Bigger Paychecks
Give more parents the schools they want
US student enrolment growth to ‘decline over next decade’- College Enrollment
Natural Healing to Reduce Doctor Bills! Judith Boice Reveals Natural Remedies In Newly Released Bestseller!
EPA Announces a New Rule. One Likely Effect: Less Science in Policymaking.
Kogan: ‘I don’t think Facebook has a developer policy that is valid’

Schooling Watch

Confessions of a reluctant homeschooling mom
Homeschool students experience justice system through mock trial
Many approaches may help children improve ability to manage their behaviour and emotions
Online and distance education initiative is gaining steam
For Small, Private Liberal Arts Colleges, What’s the Drive to Go Online?
Homeschooling in Bulgaria – Guide for Expats
Homeschool Global graduates called achievers par excellence
Producing self-directed learners
New Mexico education officials pursue school retention plan
Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Bill That Includes Major Changes To TN Ready Test Results
Mom wants son with autism transferred to another school after bullying
Regulator warns private school of strict action- Peshawar

Prepper Watch

Pantry Stocking, Apocalypse Style: 6 Foods That’ll Last for Years, Maybe Forever
Composting For A Healthy Garden – How to Compost
Caller demands cryptocurrency ransom in fake Vail bomb threat
Final step in finding your rural bug-out property
How to Prepare for a Tsunami, Nature’s Warning Signs

Liberty Topics Watch

Demanding equal rights is not anti-state
The problem of statelessness in Lebanon
These Attempted Utopias Failed Miserably

For the Lulz

Gamma rays from the sun are acting weird and nobody knows why
Bizarre ‘eye in the sky appears after dual sunset’ sparking HAARP weather control frenzy

MSM News Headlines

Mother takes to social media to warn others of dry drowning
Madonna Can’t Stop Auction House From Selling Lock of Her Hair, Underwear, Tupac Breakup Letter
Diet Coke’s new flavors are a big hit
Disney Unveils First Look at Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’
Alleged drug-ring leader brought from Colombia to US court
Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Might Not Be Better for You Than Sugar, Study Says
Cosby Lawyers Paint Accuser as Con Artist in Final Appeal to Jury
Dow drops over 500 points after 10-year Treasury yield touches 3%
Where Does Christina Aguilera’s Carpool Karaoke Rank Among the Other Pop Divas?


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