Living Stories Ticker – April 19th, 2018


Anarcho Crypto Figures
Bitcoin cash is leading crypto higher after Tax Day and MoneyToken Combine Forces as Roger Ver Joins the Advisory Board
Schooling Watch
State Removes Error-riddled Homeschool Webpage at Request of HSLDA, FHE
Wondering why so many are homeschooling their children?
Homeschool health fair set for Friday in Springfield
CPS and Homeschooling Mom Agree: She’s Not a Criminal!
‘I am protecting them from whiteness’: Why this mom chose to take her kids out of public school
Why More School Districts Are Holding Class Just Four Days a Week
Minnesota bill would regulate school start times
Prepper Watch
Survival condos in former missile silo come with all mod cons
4 survival skills that will help you thrive in a disaster or zombie apocalypse
Experts warn against deadly disease transmitted by kissing bugs
Homeopathic ‘doctor’ gave dog rabies to a child and claimed it cured his behavioral issues
In a bug-eat-bug world, farmers should help out their insect friends
Warmer active seasons and fewer freeze-thaw events lead to big changes for the tiniest Arctic ambassadors — its …
How to stay calm when the news is so scary
Invasive species come out to play and more are on the way
Your own personal Shangri-La: A live-in bug-out
Leftist New Yorker attacks ‘A Quiet Place’ as family uses guns for protection, it’s ‘regressive politics’
French survivalists focus less on guns, more on self-suffiiency, than US counterparts
Liberty Topics Watch
Trump once claimed Syria could lead to ‘World War III.’ Good thing he wised up.
The wars that defined us: Gaza’s reconstruction – Toward a better future
Vermouth With a Side of Anarchy: The Perfect Night Out in Barcelona
New Hampshire Self-Driving Vehicle Legislation Faces Speed Bumps
Russians are actually getting less xenophobic
For the Lulz
‘Very Angry Badger’ Seizes Part Of 500-Year-Old Scottish Castle
Atlanta odd instrument specialist Klimchak gets weird at the In-Between Series
California town overwhelmed by tumbleweeds
Pot holiday traces roots to 5 California high school stoners
‘Super Troopers’: How the ‘meow’ scene with Jim Gaffigan came to be
Bad handwriting misled Marco Polo scholars for centuries
Fatwa issued against buying Facebook ‘likes’
The Weird Pit of Magma Beneath Yellowstone Is Still a Mystery


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