Living Stories Ticker – April 17th, 2018

Anarcho Crypto Figures
#FinallyFreeAmerica – Interview with Adam Kokesh
While the world cracks down, Japan emerges as a crypto haven
Schooling Watch
Prohibited from prom: Homeschool student denied entry to Walton County dance
Prepper Watch
Three stories of survival after trees fall on homes in Chesterfield
An Elaborate Hack Shows How Much Damage IoT Bugs Can Do
5 Natural Remedies For The Flu This Winter
WATCH: Russian State TV News Shows How to Prepare Bomb Shelters For War
Coos Bay Fire Department, SW Oregon Preppers offer disaster prep training
Liberty Topics Watch
Trump says trade wars are easy to win. Here’s what history tells us about a possible US — China conflict.
Nationalism, Persecution and Repatriation of the Rohingya
Offer to Withdraw America’s Troops from South Korea to Seal a Nuclear Deal with the North
State Libertarians elect leadership
French anti-terror police shamed by anarchist trial outcome
For the Lulz
15 Weird Secrets About Wolverine’s Claws (That Only True Fans Know)
That Weird Retro Car Company Wiesmann Was Way Older Than You Thought
WiFi network named ‘remote detonator’ prompts gym evacuation
Korean Air ‘nut rage’ sister apologises for angry outburst
Man finds drugs inside retro Nintendo games
Driver pulled over for displaying cardboard license plate
Kanye West Returned to Twitter This Weekend and It Was…Weird
Minnesota firehouse opens doors during blizzard for prom
MSM News Headlines
Consumers Shy From Spending, Despite Tax Cut
South Carolina Deadly Prison Fight Sparked By Gangs, Contraband Cellphones
Netflix Booms in Q1 to Hit 125 Million Streaming Subscribers, Again Beating Forecasts
T-Mobile fined $40 million for “false rings”
Binghamton University cancels classes after second student murder in 5 weeks
Trump Tower fire was an accident, fire department says
California Just Blocked National Guard Troops From Helping With President Trump’s Priorities at the Border
Starbucks manager who called 911 on black men ‘no longer at that store’
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