Luke Bryan Lets Octogenarian Grab His Butt- PICTURES!

Luke Bryan, clearly suffering from some sort of Stockholm Syndrome, appeared to be giddy with joy when senior citizen Frances Stanaway, 88, Granny-handled his fanny in front of cameras, in public. The brutal assault was caught from multiple angles and Bryan, obviously still suffering from Stockholm syndrome, shared the devastating Granny assault on his own instagram account.  Shortly after, Bryan pleadingly asked Stanaway to call him.  As of the writing of this breaking news story, sadly, there was no follow-up call.

The photo op was all in good fun and served a good cause.


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Luke Bryan Makes an Exception to His No Butt-Grabbing Rule For an 88-Year-Old Fan — See the Adorable Pics!

Even Luke Bryan breaks his own rules sometimes!

The “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” singer made an exception to his no butt-grabbing policy for Frances Stanaway, an 88-year-old terminally ill fan, prior to his concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stanaway was given the opportunity last week to meet Bryan through the Crossroads Hospice Gift of a Day program, along with her son, Vincent Sokolaski, and his wife, Linda.

Rocking a custom-designed “Shake It for Me, Luke!” T-shirt, Stanaway appeared to be having the time of her life as she hung out with the country crooner during a special meet and greet. And while all the photos of her and Bryan melted our hearts, the one of her going in for the butt grab was undoubtedly the highlight!


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Luke Bryan Makes an Exception to His No Butt-Grabbing Rule For an 88-Year-Old Fan — See the Adorable Pics!

The singer just couldn’t say no to this sweet country music lover!

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