Make Net Neutrality Moot with Mesh Networks

Meshbox is trying to solve the net neutrality debate the way I’d like to solve it, by making it a moot issue.  They’re working to create a decentralized network that will enable billions of people to bypass the centralized ISPs altogether using mesh networks.

MeshBox Is Trying To Connect 3.5 Billion People To The Internet

Back on December 16, 2017, Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin weighed in on the Net Neutrality debate through a series of Tweets. The gist of Buterin’s argument was that VPNs wouldn’t help users overcome bandwidth restrictions because ISPs can just treat VPN traffic as unknown and throttle anything flagged as such.

The one solution to this situation, however, Buterin states, is the employing of and the full-scale adoption of mesh networks.

Here’s the Tweet:


Given sufficiently monopolistic and evil ISPs, and compliant government, there is of course the possibility this morphs into whitelist soft-GFW: more and more “known” services get addres into the whitelists, and the bandwidth for “everything else” decreases to 128kbps…

But I am not here today to make a claim about how likely that is. Rather, my claim is that VPNs don’t help. The one solution in the decentralized space that could help if anything at all would be full-scale adoption of mesh networks.

For those not familiar with the concept of a mesh network, it’s a network comprised of nodes that connect directly to one another, allowing for the creation of a network that allows for data routing (between nodes) without the necessity for external input.

Right now, some people use a mesh network in their homes to expand Wi-Fi coverage. This is very much just one small part of the mesh network concept, however, and a number of companies are working to develop mesh networking into something that could change the way global networking is structured, in line with the end-game that Buterin describes in the above Tweet.

One of these companies is MeshBox.

But MeshBox isn’t just trying to build out the mesh network space – the company is taking the concept and combining it with another bleeding edge technology, the blockchain, to build a solution to the circa 3.5 billion individuals spread across the globe that have little or no internet access right now.

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