Man Escapes Cops, Hides in Church, Caught After Calling Cops to Rescue Him

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Sometimes it’s just not your day.  For Shane Owen, that day happened last week when he tried to hole up in a church after escaping a police pursuit.  The man got stuck, and in the end, who you gonna call?  He called 911 to unstuck himself.  He also called the police to arrest him, because that’s what happened.

From Fox 13 Now

SALT LAKE CITY – Authorities have a suspect in custody after he got himself stuck in an abandoned church overnight.

Unified Police Public Information Officer Brian Lohrke said they got a tip about a wanted robbery suspect in the Woods Cross area, who had multiple warrants out for his arrest.

“The warrants that he had were for drug possession with intent to distribute, some types of theft, identity fraud, and retaliation against witnesses,” Lohrke said.

But when they tried to stop the vehicle he was in, 46-year-old Shane Paul Owen took off, heading south towards Salt Lake City.

Owen led police on a chase which ended near 8th W. 15th N. when officers spiked his tires.

He ran from the car and into an abandoned church where his hiding spot wound up being a little too secure.

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After an all-night standoff, he actually wound up calling police for help.

He called 911 dispatch and said “This is Shane Owen and I want to turn myself in”.

Owen had somehow become stuck inside the church’s boiler room.

After making sure he was not armed, police officers and paramedics moved in, dislodged Owens and took him into custody early Tuesday.



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