Manhattan Man To Become Mayor WIth One Vote He Can Cast Himself

Well the good folks of Manhattan will soon be able to rest easy knowing someone will be sitting in the seat of power that is designated for the Mayor.  Now, by Manhattan, I mean Manhattan, Montana of course.  It seems due to the office not being attractive to any of the 1,500 people of Manhattan, Montana, sans one guy, Glen Clements, the office was available pretty much to anyone who filled out the paperwork to be entered as a write-in candidate.

Had he filled the paperwork to be considered a formal candidate, then come election day the fine people of Manhattan, Montana would have been able to write in any candidate that they chose to run.  But, since he filled out the paperwork to be a write-in candidate, now, only his name would be recognized as being a ‘legitimate’ write-in candidate.  Since no one filed the paperwork in time to be considered a formal candidate, this means all Glen has to do is pretty much vote for himself, write his own name in, and he gets elected Mayor of Manhattan, Manhattan, Montana, that is.

This story came our way from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

The Manhattan man from Montana is a Navy Veteran and geological engineer.  He decided to take the path to the crown because some of the folks in the town, including the city’s secretary, as well as a police officer, asked him to fill the seat.

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the position pays $730 a month.  He intends on focusing on the infrastructure of the city, so yes, that means muh roads!  The man will be paid over $700 a month to assure that muh roads are taken car of.  I think Manhattan can breathe a massive sigh of relief over that.  He told the Chronicle, “I just want to be a part of that and help us grow in the right direction.”

None too humble, our soon-to-be Mayor of Manhattan, Manhattan, Montana, that is, told the Chronicle when asked if he would vote for himself, “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

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