Man’s Lung Tumor Turns Out to be a Toy Inhaled in Childhood

A man from the UK went to the doctor to complain about breathing.  Doctors discovered what they thought was a lung tumor.  However, they were wrong.  The lung tumor turned out to be a toy.  how it got there?  no one is telling.



A British man is breathing easier after doctors determined that a suspected lung tumor was actually a Playmobil traffic cone.

Doctors at a respiratory clinic in Preston, England, made the discovery after the patient, a 47-year-old handyman, was referred to them because of a nagging cough that had lasted more than a year, according to the BBC.

Doctors did a scan on the patient’s lung and noticed something on it. Because the man was a longtime smoker, they assumed it was a tumor.

The truth made the doctors gasp themselves: During a bronchoscopy, they discovered the tumor was actually a tiny toy traffic cone the patient had received as part of a gift when he turned 7, according to The Guardian

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