Mark My Gender ALL of the Above, INCLUDING “Other”

Princeton University is changing its rules a little to allow students to identify not only as any gender that they wish, BUT, to even identify as BOTH “man” and “woman” AT THE SAME TIME.  Whatever you feel about the nature of gender (you know, the old gender is sex or gender is a social construct debate), you have to be at least A LITTLE amused at an Ivy League school (with all the assumed high-brained trappings that the phrase “Ivy League” invokes) is openly allowing students to declare themselves to be two seemingly opposite genders at the same time.
The student interface, TigerHub, now allows students to choose from a list of genders, which includes the option to select multiple genders.  You could, in theory, select all gender identities (cisgendr, genderqueer/gender non-confroming, man, other, trans/transgender, woman).  What is utterly fascinating to me is that you can select ALL genders AND still select other.
The form states, “You may select multiple gender identities.  Your gender identity is confidential and is not generally available.”  So you get to pat yourself on the back because you were bold and chose all of the above but no one gets to see your multiple master strokes?!   Bumber.  I for one would INSIST my multiple master strokes would be available for pubic consumption.

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