Meet the Nera, a New 3D-Printed Electric Motorcycle

News of another electric motorcycle release might, by now, seem not very newsworthy at all. But when the new electric motorcycle has been created using 3D printing, then it becomes newsworthy.

This 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle Looks Like Something From “TRON” – Futurism


new BBC video shows an electric motorcycle called the Nera that looks like something from a stylized video game — a “TRON”-like design made possible by the fact that it’s almost 100 percent 3D printed, down to the airless tires.

“The idea was to demonstrate to designers and engineers and architects and the general consumer what 3D printing was all about,” said Stephan Beyer, the CEO of Nera maker BigRep. “Historically, engineers and designers have been limited with manufacturing technologies like grinding and molding.”

Though you can’t buy it yet, the BBC says the Nera is expected to cost about £2,000 ($2,600.)

The BBC claims the Nera is the world’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle — though, to be fair, a separate project called the Light Rider appears to have come first.

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As 3D printing grows more and more capable of printing complex moving parts and electronics, the power of small-scale enterprises to compete with large-scale enterprises will only increase.

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