Mesh Computing and the Ramifications on Global Networking

Rise of the decentralized and distributed mesh computer

The convergence of these three drastically different computing shifts may sound overwhelming, but with great challenges come great opportunities.

With over 75 billion internet-connected devices expected by 2025, there’s going to be a ton of idle/wasted CPU resources and an insatiable demand for machine learning computes! We are moving into an era of decentralized and distributed computing where everything computes (together) as if they are peer-to-peer nodes on a global mesh computer. Decentralized web and decentralized apps will run on this new decentralized and distributed mesh computer. IoT devices will be able to self-organize on ad-hoc mesh networks and request and/or perform machine learning computations in real time without requiring cloud or edge computing infrastructures.

In this new economy, everything computes to form a new worldwide peer-to-peer decentralized and distributed mesh computer!

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