Michael Savage Interviews James O’Keefe After CNN Exposure Trump Russia Narrative – 6/27/17

Aired on June 27, 2017 – Michael Savage Interviews James O’Keefe After CNN Exposure Trump Russia Narrative – http://www.michaelsavage.com

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  1. Your work is priceless James. Respect to both of you men .
    True story. I knew 25 years ago about Time Warner Cable. 1 of there line man told me flat out that Time Warner Cable was reading the peoples data. Time Warner Time is spying on every one for Washington. Time Warner Time is pushing Darkness in there Programming Bad seed's for young Minds. for any mind for that matter.. In July 1957 on the TV show called I've Got a Secret Philo Farnsworth The man who invented TV said he wish he never invented TV . He knew back in 1957 TV was misused by Washington. Open Mid control
    Turn off your TV

  2. We need to remind people (((who))) really owns the media. The people in charge are Jewish. They hate America and want us to turn into a communist country. They promote degeneracy like LBGT, pedophilia, pornography, BLM etc. and tell us the white male is the problem.

  3. Dr. Savage, thanks for all you do and your patriotism. Also, thanks to James O. for his love of the truth and commitment to real journalism. Exposing the lies will bring CNN to their knees. The BOD's have to impeach Zucker and replace him ASAP. Liberals who actually listen to CNN and watch their TV programs are all not that stupid. When will the CNN viewers stop watching and turn the channel? The ratings will tell the truth.

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