Mother Monster Gets Get Well Gifts from Queen Bay

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Mother Monster and Queen Bay explain pleasantries on Instagram after Queen Bay sends Mother Monster some get well gifts, which cleverly includes a shirt from Queen Bay’s clothing line.  Don’t know who these people are?  Why, they’re Lady Gaga and Beyonce, of course.


Beyoncé is such a giver! Lady Gaga was forced to postpone her “Joanne” tour after revealing that she’s in constant chronic pain and is trying to learn to live with Fibromyalgia — and to make her feel better, Beyoncé came to the rescue with some seriously awesome gifts.

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Mother Monster took to Instagram to show off the gifts from Queen Bey. The first gift was a sweatshirt from Ivy Park, Bey’s activewear clothing line. Gaga shared the photo and captioned it, “Not having a good pain day. Thank you honey ???? B for sending me this comfy sweatshirt. Keeps me warm outside in a hammock so I can be w the trees, and the sky, and the sun and take deep breaths. Feel so lucky to have so much love ❤”


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