Move Over Doc, Here Comes the Cyber Docs

A.I has accomplished three things the last month that might see the rise of the cyber doc in the near future.  A robot passed a medical exam, an AI bot out-diagnosed a human in a pneumonia case, and half a million AI devices have entered the medical marketplace.

3 Milestones in Artificial Intelligence Were Just Reached — and They Could Change Healthcare as We Know It

Three major milestones were reached related to the use of AI in healthcare in the last four weeks……

1. A robot passed a national medical exam

The first of these big milestones was announced on Nov. 6, when results from China’s National Medical Licensing Examination (NMLE) were released. For the first time ever, an AI-powered robot passed the medical exam. It didn’t just squeak by, either. The robot scored 456, nearly 100 points higher than the passing score of 360…..

2. AI beat human radiologists at diagnosing pneumonia

Just over one week after the monumental AI success in China, researchers at Stanford University in California announced another breakthrough. The Stanford team published a paper online on Nov. 14 describing an AI algorithm called CheXNet, which diagnoses 14 medical conditions based on chest X-ray images. ChexNet can even beat human radiologists at accurately diagnosing pneumonia….


3. Companies team up to bring AI to 500,000 medical devices

The third AI milestone in healthcare in recent weeks involved a business collaboration rather than an algorithmic advance. On Nov. 26, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) and GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric (NYSE:GE), announced that they were joining forces to apply NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI technologies to GE Healthcare’s medical devices…..


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