Net Neutrality Restoration Bill Has 49 Votes and Counting in Senate

The Net Neutrality supporters in the Democratic Party have decided to continue to put their efforts into restoring net neutrality rather than working on legislation to undo the regulation-created ISP monopolies.

Once again, their efforts are telling of the true intention of net neutrality, to use bad regulations as an excuse to preserve control over the means of communications by the coercive association that feathers their beds.

Senate Dems searching for one last vote to revive FCC’s net neutrality rules

Forty-nine Democrats and independents in the Senate plan to co-sponsor Sen. Ed Markey’s legislation undoing the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins announced her support of Markey’s bill earlier this month.

But the chances of the bill passing the House, or being signed by a president who doesn’t support net neutrality, are extremely slim.

Half the Senate plans to support a bill reversing the Federal Communications Commission‘s repeal of so-called net neutrality rules.

The new tally, revealed in a press release from Senate Democrats on Tuesday, brings the total number of declared votes against the FCC’s recent action to 50 — a dead-even split in the chamber. Just one more vote would be enough to pass Democratic Sen. Ed Markey‘s bill in the Senate, which if made law would effectively restore Obama-era rules on internet service providers.

Markey’s bill, if passed, would be a blow to a Trump administration seesawing between inflections of populist empathy and often starkly unpopular conservative policy.



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