New Car Smell Stinks To Chinese Car Buyers

We all love that new car smell, right?  Why, some of us even go out and purchase air fresheners that have the scent “new car smell.”  This love of new car is univers……
Wait.  Befor you finish that sentence, Paul, take a look at this.
It seems Ford is facing a bit of a slowdown in the Chinese car market and they’re looking for any edge they can get to generate more car sales.  One potential opportunity to separate themselves from the competition is to find the perfect new car smell for the Chinese market.  The problem is, new car smell ain’t that smell.  It seems the Chinese have no nose for new car smells.  As a matter of fact, they’d rather have no car smells at all in their new car.  So, with that in mind, Ford has hired 18 “Golden Noses,” smell assessors that have one job, find the perfect new car smell that isn’t new car smell and isn’t a smell at all/  This sounds eal simple, no?
“In North America, people want a new car smell and will even buy a ‘new car’ spray to make older cars feel new and fresh. In China it’s the opposite,” says Andy Pan, a Ford supervisor for material engineering.
According to a JD Power report, the smell of a car is actually a top priority for the Chinese buying public.  The smell of a car ranks ahead of mechanical issues, fule efficiency, even safety.
A JD Power report last year showed that unpleasant car smells were the top concern for Chinese drivers, ahead of engine issues, road noise or fuel consumption.  And tops on that list of unpleasant smells is….sigh…new car smell.  Another hope for universal truth has been crushed, and yes, that stinks, that stinks real bad, almost like new car smell does in China.

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