New York’s Gun Grabbing Assault Continues with 9 New Anti-Liberty Bills

 New York Gun Grabbers with the “authority” to make that really hurt are at it again with 9 new anti-gun, anti-liberty, anti-progress, anti-human bills intended to whittle away at the fundamental human will to be able to protect yourself from threats, be they foreign, domestic, or mindless drones doing the bidding of these very nitwitted polititrolls who dare fancy they have a ‘right’ to dictate to nearly 20 million people how best to live their lives.

Gun grabbers like these should be shunned from all polite, civil company.

Know these names, names like Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Liz Krueger, Roxanne Persaud, Michael Gianaris, to name a few.  If you happen to be in their social orbit, shun them, demean them publicly, let people know what truly vulgar, truly anti-human, truly authoritarian fascio-socio-statists they really are.

There should be NO PLACE where vulgar little wanna-be dictators like these should be treated like anything other than the psychopaths that they are.  Consider them extremely dangerous.

NY Dems introduce package of 9 gun control bills

“Enacting this common-sense legislation will help save lives by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and banning tools to make legal guns more dangerous,” said Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousin in a press conference. The legislation includes:

  • S.3355, by Sen. Liz Krueger, would mandate guns not in use be locked up or otherwise secured under penalty of law. Krueger has had similar legislation turned away in the past.
  • S.4363, by Sen. Roxanne Persaud, would create a taxpayer-funded “Firearm Violence Research Institute” to study “gun violence and develop methods of prevention.” California last year adopted a similar program, which has been slammed by gun rights advocates who say the practice allows for unequal access to public data which could be tailored to further a political agenda.
  • S.5808-A, introduced by Sen. Michael Gianaris, will establish a 10-day waiting period to conduct background checks on gun purchases. The language of the bill also requires firearm dealers to report attempted possibly illegal gun purchases.
  • S.5829, introduced by Sen. Kevin Parker, would make it a Class D felony to have, make or sell a gun that cannot be picked up by a metal detector. A federal ban on undetectable firearms has been in effect for years.
  • S.5922, filed by Sen. Jamaal Bailey, will open up the gun industry to lawsuits if they “negligently market firearms to irresponsible buyers.” New York is home to a number of gun makers including Remington and has over 2,300 federal firearms licensees.
  • S.6902, proposed by Sen. Brad Hoylman, will make it a Class D Felony to possess a bump stock or similar device. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo has argued that the devices are already illegal in the state.
  • S.7133, introduced by Sen. Brian Kavanagh, would establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders which would allow courts to issue an order to seize guns from individuals reported to be at risk to themselves or others.
  • Kavanagh also debuted S.7072, to add hate crimes to the list of offenses that strip someone of gun rights; as well as  S.7605,  which would require state officials to check the mental health records of an out-of-state resident during gun permit applications.

The bills have widespread support from gun control groups, including Giffords, Moms Demand Action, and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

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