NewsTicker Top Stories – April 18th, 2018

Progressive Taxation Makes Everyone Worse Off
Officials Trade Charges as Chemical Inspectors Fail to Reach Douma
Woman Partially Sucked Out Of Southwest Jet After Violent Depressurization From Engine Explosion
Kentucky Adopts a Flat Tax
China Will Abandon Barriers For Foreign Automakers
A robot can build this $300000 home in four months
Tech firms, including Microsoft, Facebook, vow not to aid government cyber attacks
Machines will soon be able to learn without being programmed
Bankless Currency Exchange Goes Global With Yellow Card
You Can Now Run a Litecoin Lightning Network Node On Your Mac
Facebook, Microsoft, and other tech companies pledge to never help governments launch cyberattacks
No Overwhelming Support for More Online Regulation, Poll Finds
Hackers stole digital coins while a YouTube broadcaster advised about ICOs
Research yields hope for biofuels
Graphene-oxide-based membranes for large-scale energy storage systems
Ford patents wacky self-driving car – with a MEETING ROOM for eight people and a panoramic domed roof
Family harvest: Hydroponic farming provides a new job and a new life on the Northern Neck
Mass Killings Spur Interest in Homeschooling
Egypt’s mufti issues fatwa against buying Facebook ‘likes’
The disturbing reason behind the spike in organ donations


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